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Full re-key and master keying services from experienced locksmith technicians.

Professional Re-Keying Services

High grade locks in Tipton County can be expensive, which makes them that much more painful to replace when a single key is lost. However, instead of changing the whole lock, there is another option – having Abc Locksmith re-key the structure. Essentially, re-keying means that our locksmith will adjust the tumblers so that existing keys will no longer work, thus creating a new locking system from the existing hardware.

Where Precision meets Low-cost

The big advantage of re-keying is obviously the cost, but it can also open the door to another advantage. While Abc Locksmith is re-keying your Tipton County property, we can also create a master key that works not only at your front door, but also the back door, gate, and garage door at the same time. This one key to rule them all will help unnecessarily filled keychains and the never-ending struggle to locate the right key.

Re-keying and master keying is delicate business and requires the experience and training of a true professional. Other locksmith firms in Tipton County may require full replacement because they don't have these skills, but Abc Locksmith will always work for your best interest to create a secure solution at an advantageous cost.

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